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AAF’s NELIOR Filtration Technology wins CLEAN! 2013 award | 16.05.2013

Only five months after the successful market launch in September 2012, AAF’s NELIOR Filtration Technology has won its first major prize: the »CLEAN! 2013« award. The annual »CLEAN!« prize is organized by the renowned German »Fraunhofer IPA« institute and is awarded to the best innovation in cleanliness technology, selected by a professional jury.

The jury verdict by Dr.-Ing. Arnold Brunner: “With its NELIOR air filtration media for HEPA and ULPA filters, AAF has taken a big and innovative step into the cleanroom future. The filtration performance, as defined by the EN1822:2009 standard, is improved through the shift of the MPPS (Most Penetration Particle Size) into the area of < 0,1 µm particles as a result of the specific media characteristics. Particularly impressive features of the new air filters are the very high mechanical strength, as well as the halved energy consumption at nominal airflow in comparison to traditional HEPA filters.”

For AAF, winning the »CLEAN! 2013« award is a new confirmation of the value potential of its proprietary NELIOR Filtration Technology. Johan Langius, Chief Operating Officer for AAF Europe & Middle East: “NELIOR Filtration Technology is the result of our dedicated R&D and our drive to thoroughly understand customer needs. It offers a real solution to those customers that heavily rely on controlled air cleanliness conditions, such as in the pharmaceutical and microelectronic industries. With NELIOR Filtration Technology, the right ingredients are in place to lower the Total Cost of Ownership whilst maintaining a best-in-class filtration performance. Winning the »CLEAN! 2013« award is an important acknowledgement of our efforts and it makes us very proud.”

AAF launches the new VariCel XL HT | 09.05.2012

AAF launches the all-new VariCel® XL HT air filter for reliable high-temperature application at reduced energy cost


  • Newly developed for automotive paint drying lines with temperatures up to 385 °C continuous
  • Featuring low operating resistance, light weight compact size and durable silicone-free construction
  • Substantial life cycle cost savings realized during pilot project at BMW facility in Regensburg (Germany)
  • Available in filter efficiency classes M6 to F8 according to EN779:2012
  • Green A-label according to new Eurovent energy efficiency classification per 1 January 2012


Emmen, 14 May 2012. Specifically designed for improving performance in paint drying lines,
AAF launches
its latest air filtration innovation for the automotive industry; the all-new
VariCel® XL HT. The VariCel® XL HT provides customers
with several superior features that result in a higher ease of handling, an
improved air quality and a more environmental friendly operation with
attractive life cycle costs. The first results of a pilot project at the BMW facility
in Regensburg (Germany) clearly demonstrate the value-added of the VariCel®
XL HT with a reliable air filtration performance against a substantial
reduction in energy consumption.


VariCel® XL HT features and benefits

The all-new VariCel®
XL HT air filter comes with an optimized media pack that combines an increased
dust holding capacity with a substantially lower operating resistance in
comparison to similar air filters currently on the market. Its compact 12-inch
design allows for an easy handling and installation, whilst maintaining a
performance level that is on par with larger 17-inch air filters. No silicons,
adhesives or sealants are used for the construction so that air quality is
optimized and the risk of filter damage due to degradation is eliminated. With
cell sides of sturdy aluminized steel, the VariCel® XL HT can
operate at a continuous temperate of up to 385 °C. The durability of the air
filter is further enhanced through the mechanically interlocked headers and
cell sides, combined with aluminized faceguards and support bars on the air
leaving side.


VariCel® XL HT product offer

The VariCel® XL HT is available as from today in filter classes M6, F7 and F8 according to the
new EN779:2012 standard. It can be supplied in several sizes and specification
combinations with the choice for a box, single header or double header
construction. On request, the VariCel® XL HT can be equipped with a glass
rope gasket. The low operating resistance of the air filter results in a green
A-label based on the new Eurovent energy efficiency classification for air
filters, which is effective since January 2012.


Significant energy savings achieved during pilot project
at BMW

Being one of the world’s most recognized premium automobile manufacturers, BMW places high demands when it comes to air quality in its manufacturing facilities. Only when the air purity
meets the strictest of requirements, the BMW car models can be assembled and
painted to the applicable quality standards that in turn should result in
maximizing customer satisfaction. Reminding that in 1921, AAF’s founder Bill
Reed started developing the first commercial air filter for keeping dust away
from freshly painted cars, AAF perfectly understands the challenges and demands
put on air filtration for paint drying lines. The over 90 years experience has now
resulted in the all-new VariCel® XL HT and BMW was the first
automobile manufacturer that quickly opted for a pilot project. Several VariCel®
XL HT air filters in filter class F8 to EN779 were installed at BMW’s
Regensburg plant in southern Germany. The results have demonstrated a superior
operational reliability in combination with a significant energy savings
compared to the previously installed HT air filters. This gives BMW not only an
improved process performance at attractive life cycle costs, it also meets
BMW‘s strategic objective of making its production facilities more
environmental friendly with a reduced energy consumption.