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AAF International is one of the leading suppliers of air filtration solutions around the globe.

The most common use of air filter products is for commercial, institutional and industrial applications, installed in the Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. AAF offers the widest choice of air filter products known in the industry, ranging from
High Temperature filters
High Efficiency Compact filters 

In order to improve and optimize the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), a comprehensive range of filters is available, treated with Biostatic preservative, prohibiting the growth of bacteria and fungi on the air filter media. Next to particulate filtration AAF offers a wide range of solutions.

For the both the automotive manufacturers and the commercial body repair shops AAF offers a complete range of filters from supply air filters, Paint overspray filters to High Temperature filters.

AAF is a specialist in the field of Cleanroom Air Filtration Components with a wide range of particulate EPA/HEPA/ULPA filters  and Chemical filters to meet your requirements with respect to clean air. Complete Cleanroom Air Filtration Systems with a system guarantee are available, utilizing AAF's ceiling grids, housings, ceiling modules, lights and Fan Filter Units.

AAF supplies the best quality available in the market. Especially for Gas Turbine Filters this is essential for ensuring reliable and cost-effective operation of the equipment.

AAF filtration solutions can be divided into:

  • Coarse Filters (G): G1-G4 to EN779
  • Medium and Fine Filters (F): M5, M6 and F7 - F9 to EN779:2012
  • EPA/HEPA/ULPA filters E/H/U): E10-U17 to EN1822

AAF markets their filters under the brand names:

  • DriPak: various models of pockets filters in the efficiency G4-F9 to EN779:2012
  • VariCel: various models of compact filters in the efficiency M6-F9 to EN779:2012
  • BioCel: various models of EPA filters in the efficiency E10-E12 to EN1822
  • AstroCel: various models of HEPA and ULPA filters in the efficiency H13-U17 to EN1822
  • MEGAcel: top range HEPA/ULPA filters in the efficiency U16-U17 to EN1822
  • DuraCel: various models of top class Gas Turbine filters